The 10 Best Ceiling Fans in 2021


The best ceiling fan combines practicality and beauty, as well as bringing freshness to the most diverse environments in the house. Learn how to choose yours.

The ceiling fan is no longer just a palliative resource for heat in environments (or budgets) that do not include air conditioning equipment. The device has become an ally in the decoration of homes and commercial establishments thanks to investments in design that the main brands have been making in recent years.

Versatile, it has versions in wood, acrylic, polycarbonate and other materials, in the most diverse price ranges and still have lighting and speed control features. That way, there is always the best ceiling fan that perfectly meets the needs of your home.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan?

Observe the wind flow of the ceiling fans – this is the measure that will tell you if the equipment is capable of pushing strong or weak air to the place where it is installed. The power, in turn, serves only to indicate the consumption of electricity per hour of use.

For environments up to 25 m2 it is ideal to invest in a ceiling fan with an air flow of 2 m3 per second. If the environment is larger, manufacturers recommend installing two pieces of equipment.

In addition, the best ceiling fan has the Procel A efficiency seal and INMETRO approval, which attest to the good origin and quality of the equipment.

Spirit Ceiling Fan without Luster

Designed by designer Guto Índio da Costa, Spirit’s two-bladed fan is one of the most awarded devices in Brazil and the world. The equipment has 2 polycarbonate blades and its diameter is 111 centimeters – one of the ones that provides more wind in the environment. Spirit offers other colors and patterns for interchangeable blades.

Black Fan Three Pades Mondial

The Mondial fan, one of the best ceiling fan brands in Brazil, has a modern design. It has 103 centimeters in diameter and has three blades. The ceiling fan motor has a double bearing, which provides more efficient and quiet ventilation and exhaust.

Transparent Fan with Remote Control Loren Sid

The transparent blades make the Loren Sid fan the ideal ally in the decoration of the most diverse environments in the house. It has a remote control with on / off functions for fan and light, speed adjustment, timer (automatic shutdown) and reverse – ventilation or exhaust.

It is worth mentioning that the equipment has independent time limiters for light and ventilation. It is 1.15 meters in diameter and its flow rate is 2.13 cubic meters per second.

Ventisol Infant Ceiling Fan

With three blades, the Ventisol children’s ceiling fan ensures the color of the decoration while making the air circulate in the room efficiently and economically. Also available in blue.

Venti-Delta 4-bladed fan

Ideal for environments that require bold design, the Venti-Delta 4-bladed fan is 80 centimeters in diameter, capable of ventilating environments up to 20 square meters. It also has a remote speed control, timer and three levels of lamp intensity. This model is available in six colors and its blades are made of MDF.

Fan with Plafon Wind Lamp

The fan with the Plafon luminaire from Wind brings together two features in a single product. Powerful and quiet, the model with LED lighting is suitable for environments up to 20 square meters and is certified by INMETRO. It is 96 centimeters in diameter and its blades are made of injected plastic in white.

Vintage Demi Ceiling Fan

At 96 centimeters in diameter, the vintage ceiling fan from Demi draws attention for its bold design. It is produced in copper-treated steel, combined with ABS plastic paddles. It also has a speed control switch and luminaire with socket E 27. It has three speeds.

Luxury Celling Light Retractable Fan with Remote Control

Luxury Ceiling Light offers in the Brazilian market a lamp that transforms into a ceiling fan with acrylic blades in blade shapes 45 cm in diameter. The remote control adjusts the opening and closing of the fan, the wind speed and the intensity of the lighting.

Arge Wood Fan

Arge’s traditional fan comes with double-sided MDF wood blades (electrostatic mahogany and white paint), providing more versatility in the decoration. With a meter in diameter, the device has an efficient and quiet engine. Supports incandescent lamps of up to 60W and electronic lamps of 15W.

Arno 6 Speed ​​Ceiling Fan

The Arno ceiling fan is one of the most modern in the market for having the Sleep function, which reduces the rotation of the device to ensure more peaceful nights. It has a diameter of 148 centimeters and its design adapts to the most diverse environments. The remote control adjusts for six ventilation speeds and another 6 exhaust speeds.

How to clean the ceiling fan

The product can last much longer if you know how to properly maintain it. Check out some steps to conserve and always have your best ceiling fan in good condition:

  • Remember to periodically clean the blades and bases of the ceiling fan, thus keeping the environment healthy and free of dust and mites;
  • Each material requires specific treatment and special care. Wooden shovels can receive a layer of furniture polish to preserve their beauty and prevent accumulation of dirt; if the fan is installed in places close to stoves and refrigerators, use a neutral detergent and a soft cloth to eliminate any grease spots;
  • Ceiling fan manufacturers often include a brush or duster attached to the vacuum cleaner hose in their items. If the part is not supplied, they can be purchased at home appliance stores. Brush or dust the blades in the same direction. Electrostatic dusters (which attract dust particles and other debris) are also available on the market;

Cleaning your ceiling fan can also be done with a glove or a soft cleaning cloth. Be careful when using a bench or ladder to access the equipment. Make sure the support is secure.

Prepare your home for summer with the best ceiling fan. Freshness and beauty never go out of style!

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