Student Studio: 15 Decorative Ideas for your Interior


Are you a student and the idea of living in a sad, rootsy studio gets you down in advance? Finding decorating ideas for your student studio is not always easy: you tell yourself that you don’t have enough space and that the decor can be expensive … Yet simple accessories in an apartment are enough to make it more beautiful! Quickly discover our selection of 15 inspiring decor ideas for student accommodation like no other.

Habitatpresto provides you with inexpensive decorating tips for your student studio: masking tape, DIY, textiles, and colors to separate spaces or on the contrary gain in light, etc … The DIY decor in particular will give a unique side to your studio without weighing down your budget. Read our article to beautify the interior decoration of your student studio!

Student studio: 15 decorating ideas to beautify your interior

From simple tips to the choice of colors, you will have all the keys in hand to have a decoration that other students will envy you!

Geometric patterns: make your interior dynamic

If you are tired of your simple, static walls, you can add lines and geometric shapes! In addition to being trendy, they will enhance the decor of your student studio because such patterns are visually dynamic.

Pastel colors: 3 advantages for your interior

Pastel colors have 3 advantages:

  • Make you want to stay indoors: calm colors are more relaxing than warm or even flashy colors
  • Sober and simple: it becomes easier to add accessories to your student apartment and create shades
  • Illuminate the room: light colors reflect more light and make you enjoy more daylight, but also your interior light

Collect pallets

If you have pallets, you can make coffee tables, benches, repaint them … So many DIY ideas for decorating your studio!

Separate your bed from the rest of your student studio

This will give you the impression that your bed is a cocoon, even if it actually stays in the same room. Make good use of a wall, or install a curtain to separate or hide your bed from the rest of your student apartment.

Beams: paint them or make a storage space

Do you think you beams just give you the risk of bumping into yourself? Think again ! Painting them a different color to match your interior is a good decorative idea for your student studio and will enhance your beams. It is also a good idea to use it as storage by propping up shelves.

Go for an open wardrobe

Whether you’re a shopaholic or not, you can almost make your student apartment look like a store by having an open wardrobe. Beyond the fashion aspect, wardrobes can be used as partitions between the living room and the sleeping area, for example. It is also decorative depending on how you personalize your wardrobes.

Divert objects

No need to invest a thousand and cents for your student studio in decorating ideas! Reuse objects for your interior: an old trunk as a coffee table, a stool at the end of the bed, candlestick whips …

Add plants for more life

Indoor plants are very beneficial, even if you are not a fan of Feng shui decorating. In addition to providing nature, they absorb the humidity of the room. Very practical for a kitchen or a bathroom, especially in a student studio!

Place mirrors for more light and space

Not only can you constantly look at yourself in a mirror, but also a completely affordable student studio decor idea! A mirror will give the illusion of having more space and will reflect the light in your room.

A colorful carpet to energize the interior

If you think your student apartment decor is lacking in color or flair, invest in a colorful rug. The touch of color will not be emphasized too much, and in addition, a rug can be used to delimit areas in your studio.

If you can’t nail or drill: use masking tape

Does your landlord dislike the idea of ​​letting you drill or nail the walls? Never mind! So use masking tape: with endless colors and patterns, you can stick photos or even create patterns on your walls. An essential student apartment accessory!

Use the height to install shelves for storage for example

Do you find that you lack space? Tap into the air! The walls are often not used enough for decoration … However, this is not to be refused in a student studio: decorative ideas could find a place in height. You can have shelves that will serve as storage, or use the masking tape as indicated above.

Bathroom: install a shower curtain

This room should not be forgotten, even if it is less exposed. Do not hesitate to install a curtain, simple or patterned according to your tastes, to add a decorative touch to your student apartment. Also consider installing plants that will absorb the humidity in this room, which will be much more important if it is small.

Use multiple lights

Showcase in your student studio the decorating ideas you have found by having lighting worthy of the name! You can’t always rely on the light of day. So, use several lights: ceiling, table, wall, floor, candle … To have different sources and feel better at home.

Also, favor indirect lighting which is less violent for your vision. You can even combine your lighting with DIY ideas for decorating your student studio like fairy lights.

Show your love for New York lofts with exposed brick

Are you tired of uniformly white walls? It is very easy to add adhesive wallpaper that imitates exposed brick, like a New York loft. Now all you have to do is watch all seasons of Friends on Netflix!

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